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Interview with Martin West- IBC Guest Conductor

Martin West

2010 USA International Ballet Competition Guest Conductor<...


Interview with Ana Catalina Ramirez Castrillo

1. Could you tell us first of all some words about your beginning with classical music-when did you get interested in it, why exactly the clarinet, which schools. 

  Most of the answer is in this video. 
 I got interested in classical music from an early age, and I started singing in a children's choir when I was about 8 years old. I started my musical studies at the National Institute of Music of Costa Rica. I moved to the US in 2000 to continue my studies with Frankie Kelly at Southeastern LA University. A year after I transfered to the Longy School of Music in Cambridge MA, where I completed my undergrad. I did my masters at Univers...

Interview with OILIVIER LATRY

1. Mr. Latry, how did you get the position as one of Three Titular Organists of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris? 

 After the death of Pierre Cochereau in 1984, there was a competition organised by the diocese of Paris to provide organists to the churches of Paris. I applied for this competition, thinking that some organists would move from their churches to Notre-Dame, letting their position available... But finally, another competition was organised specifically for Notre-Dame, and I was chosen to play for it. I was totally relaxed, because I never thought I could be selected : I was only 23! And it worked... The competition had two rounds : the first round with written m...

Interview with ALAN MANN

  1. Mr. Mann, Mississippi Opera is celebrating its 65th anniversary this season - congratulations! Could you tell us more about the achievements and the tough times Mississippi Opera has been through during the years.

Like all great Southern ladies of a certain age, Mississippi Opera has had her highs and lows. There have been years of feast and years of famine, but throughout all the good times and bad times, our audience and community have alwa...


Interview with Crafton Beck

1. Mr. Beck, this is your ninth season with MSO. Could you share with us some of your most memorable moments during these nine years?

It's actually my tenth season, and they have really flown by.
Appropriately enough, I feel like we've done our best playing in recent years. Our performances of Ravel's Daphnis e Chloe, Stravinsky's Petrouchka, and last week's Don Juan all stand out as recent example of this. Looking further back, one of the first great evenings we had together was in performance of Tchaikowsky's Fifth Symphony. Of course, some of our most memorable moments together have been off the main stage: a couple of absolutely perfect spring Pepsi Pops evenings with a full moon coming up o...