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MSO -Chamber I Haydn`s 73rd
7:30 PM, Friday, November 16, 2012
Galloway Memorial United Methodist Church

At t

Tchaikovsky-Violin Concerto-Third 
Movement -performed on bayan.
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A cowboy and a biker are on death row, and are to be executed on the same day. The day comes, and they are brought to the gas chamber. The warden asks the cowboy if he has a last request, to which the cowboy replies,
 "Ah shore do, wardn. Ah'd be mighty grateful if'n yoo'd play 'Achy Breaky Heart' fur me bahfore ah hafta go."
"Sure enough, cowboy, we can do that," says the warden. He turns to the biker, 
"And you, biker, what's your last request?"
"That you kill me first."
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The department of performing arts at Millsaps College is proud to present a wealth of performing arts events each semester. Major theatre productions, concerts from the Millsaps Singers, Chamber Singers, and other musicians, as well as the Bell Piano Series and other special performances from artists both local and world-renowned make each season exciting, informative, and entertaining.

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