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Tenor gives seven-minute concert

Those with front row seats for Ricardo Villazón's concert paid 178 kroner per minute.

Fans of Rolando Villazón paid between 500 and 1,250 kroner to hear the renowned Mexican tenor sing at Tivoli Gardens last night.

Villazón did sing – three short songs and none of them well. The tenor was suffering from a bad cold, according to Tivoli’s music director, Henrik Engelbrecht, who informed the audience of the situation beforehand.

But according to Politiken newspaper, Villazón has had voice problems for the past few years. He has cancelled at Tivoli twice before and not toured for long periods, reportedly due to having strained his vocal chords.

Tivoli, however, decided to continue the two-hour concert without the Mexican tenor, instead featuring the show’s soprano, Stéphanie Loris, and mezzosoprano Audry Kessedjian.  And according to Engelbrecht, there will be no refunds.

‘It was a really bad evening, but unfortunately we can’t give the audience their money back,’ he told public broadcaster DR. ‘We don’t do that when other parts of a concert go on as planned. I know I’ll be unpopular for that decision, but that’s the risk you take when you buy a ticket to a live concert.’

Politiken’s music editor, Thomas Michelsen, disagreed, however.

‘Regardless of Villazón’s history, Tivoli can’t justify going through with a concert where the soloist was as indisposed as he was on Sunday.’

The Copenhagen Post